Saying Goodbye to an old Friend

It’s a sad time when you have to say goodbye to any old friend. This one I’ll miss a lot as I saw him every day.


No he’s not a relative or best friend, but my lovely old beech tree. So sad that he had to go but the tree removal was made easier by my mates at a local tree surgery company, who did a great job of tidying up afterwards.


I couldn’t watch the proceedings though because that tree had been a constant for me and the garden looks so bare without it.  On the plus side, I get more sun in the morning, but that’s scant compensation for the loss of such a good friend.


I don’t know what the birds think but they seem to be dashing about all over the place this morning. Probably looking for the fat balls and nesting box that used to adorn the tree.


Ah well, it had to be done unfortunately. We had a storm a couple of weeks ago and several big branches were damaged and one fell on the greenhouse. Didn’t cause a lot of damage, but we were worried that the tree had suffered.  The tree surgeon confirmed that my poor beech tree was dying, so it was kinder (?) to have it removed.


I must say they made a good job of it, chipping all the branches and carting off everything else. We don’t have a wood burner or we could have had the larger parts cut for logs.  We kept a couple of bags of woodchips for the garden and I feel that was like scattering his ashes. Oh I’m so sentimental, but I’ll miss old Beechy.


We’re going to plant another beech in his place, but we won’t be around to see it mature into a glorious specimen like his big brother.


Now I’m looking for a good youngster to replace my boy.  I’m not going to rush this because I want a tree that will be around for the longterm and some of the ones you find in garden centres are just not much cop.  I think there’s an arboretum in Arundel so I may pay it a visit.


In the meantime I’m not too keen on looking out of the window because the view has changed so much. These mature trees have so much character and they really shape the countryside and the urban environment we live in.


Perhaps I’m what they call a “tree hugger”, but I don’t care because I simply love nature and I don’t think we can do without trees and all the insects and birds that make them their home.


Hoping that my next post will be on a happier subject. Meanwhile I’m still in mourning.

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